Recently We’ve been asked to define Big Fish Ministries.

What is it and what do we do?

Big Fish Ministries really began as an idea God placed in Thom’s head and heart, July 2002, after he rededicated his life to the Lord. We were still separated at the time (Kris was obviously still involved in the occult) and Thom was coming out of the night club scene where he’d been a successful DJ.

Thom began doing a lot of research on the internet about growing closer to God through Bible study and prayer. He discovered a website called 24-7 Prayer, a movement out of the United Kingdom, and was immediately intrigued with the notion of continual prayer. God put it on Thom’s heart to sponsor a week of non-stop prayer in the church he’d started attending after his re-dedication to Jesus and Big Fish Ministries was officially born.

Truthfully, BFM nearly ended multiple times before it could even start as Thom and Kris struggled with our marriage (not to mention spiritual issues) from 2002-2007. However, God is good and always has a plan! Once we got ourselves straightened out spiritually, doctrinally, and relationally, the Holy Spirit has made sure to renew the desire to serve Him through full-time ministry. The vision lives in both of us!

It’s been a slow process these last three years, getting started and waiting on the Lord. Yet in that time God has been allowing us to do “the stuff” here and there, define the goals of Big Fish Ministries, and put faith into practice.

So let me introduce you to Big Fish Ministries today. We are based out of the Grand Rapids, MI area, but as Thom says we’ll go anywhere there is a need if the resources are available.

What is Big Fish Ministries

What We Do:

  • Kristine ReMixed ( Inspirational and informational blog about Christian life)
  • Speaking on topics relevant to life (Testimony, prayer, spiritual warfare, marriage, homelessness, dealing with depression, the occult )
  • Spiritual Warfare Counseling (Meeting the needs of people dealing with spiritual harassment or have come out of the occult)
  • Mentoring (Marriage, et al.)
  • Prayer Room (offering dedicated space for people to express their prayers in a variety of ways including art, music, writing, etc)
  • Social Justice (working with other churches/ministries to provide resources for the homeless and educate people about the problem of human trafficking)

Big Fish Ministries serves God and people (Luke 10:27  )

We reach out to those “on the fringe” of society or feel disenfranchised from the church.
We believe in relationships over programs.
We are passionate for the ways of Jesus.
We need fellow Christians who will come along side us in ministry and support what God is doing through Big Fish Ministries.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us!